Sunday, 10 October 2010

15 films you've seen that have stuck

I was asked on Facebook the following question and thought I would share the answers with you...

15 FILMS: The rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen films you've seen that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

Here are my 15 Films...

1. Juno

2. The Breakfast Club

3. Stars Wars IV - A New Hope

4. Walk the Line

5. Wall-E

6. Goodfellas

7. The Matrix

8. Little Miss Sunshine

9. Fight Club

10. Go

11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

12. Inception

13. Big Fish

14. Requiem for a Dream

15. Spirited Away

I took 'stick with you' to mean that the film affected me in some way and/or made me think about its themes well after the credits had gone up - These may not necessarily be my 15 favourite films, but they definitely all resonate with me. For example, Requiem for a Dream was a brilliant film, and though I would never choose to watch it again, the final scene with Jennifer Connelly in the club will haunt me forever.

What are the 15 films that will stick with you?

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Gadget: Blackberry Playbook

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these!! Love that it works with flash and has the multi-tasking function, though I do think it's a bit big to work as a camera. I find the name a little confusing as it is placing itself in the market as the Professional Tablet, however it's called a PLAYbook. The name however doesn't affect its awesomeness - Roll on December!

First Post

Yes, that's right peoples. I've gone and got me a new blog!

I've chucked away the old blog like it was a piece of tasteless gum in favour for this place. Why you ask? No, I'm not embarrassed by the post declaring my love for John Barrowman's Saturday night show, nor am I cringing over my list of favourite movies (Twister rocks!). I just decided that it was time for a re-location to a blog name/URL far more fitting to me and what's included in my blog.

That's right people, I'm an addict... of pretty much everything.

Whether it's a tv show, book series, website, or gadget. If I like it, then you'll never hear the end of it. So in a nutshell, that's what this blog is about. My addictions.

To give you a flavour of what to expect, here is a list of my current obsessions.

TV - Sons of Anarchy, The Office (US), Dexter, Mad Men (see! I knew smoking was cool!), the Apprentice, Arrested Development and the InBetweeners

FILM - Inception, Kick Ass, and looking forward to The Social Network and Harry Potter 7.1

WEBSITES - youtube (so many hours of my life have been lost due to youtube), Mashable, SFX, Twitter, and of course blogger...

GADGETS - iPaddy!! You will hear me talk about iPaddy a lot in this blog. Yes, I have an iPad and yes, I friggin' LOVE IT!!

BOOKS - So many loves so probably easier to fill you in on the current non-love - the House of Night series (why oh why am I still reading it?!!?).